Lifetime guarantee

Backpacks : Lifetime guarantee

Group 99 guarantees the highest quality and reliability of our backpacks (frame packs, cargo bags, backpacks and their accessories) and the lifetime support. Careful use and following the care instructions prolongs product’s life upto limitless.
In case of a damaged item or unsatisfactory quality customers should send a request for service support to
After consulting the customer, Group 99 expert directs an item to the service or conducts an extra expertise, if necessary.

Group 99 guarantees high quality functioning of the zippers and 5-year service life. In case of a breakdown within the warranty period Group 99 provides free replacement of the broken zipper. The after-warranty period free replacement of a zipper is possible, when the customer covers the cost of a new zipper.

Unsatisfactory quality
At detection of unsatisfactory quality in the structure or defective components Group 99 provides chargeless repair of the item, including free replacement of the unsatisfactory quality components.

The products can be only accepted, if are clean, with no sign of natural contamination.

Minimal maintenance costs
In case of a breakdown of an item or its components caused by a user, Group 99 is able to repair such an item for free. The user covers the cost of materials and components needed for repair.

Possibilities of repairing are discussed beforehand with Group 99 expert through sending an email request to