Terms of sale

Terms of Sales:

A customer is a competent adult, making orders from www.gruppa99.com, or a person mentioned as a receiver of the purchase, or a user of the product bought from www.gruppa99.com solely for personal, household and other non-business activities related needs.
The Seller is LLC "Group 99".
The online shop is the website owned by the Seller and has the following Internet address: www.gruppa99.com. The online shop contains goods offered to customers by the Seller, which the customers are able to order, as well as the terms of payment and delivery of orders to the customers.
The website is www.gruppa99.com
Goods is a physical item in civil life (not seized), available for sale on the website.
An order is an appropriately put customer's request for delivery of a number of goods selected on the website to the submitted address.
A courier service is a third party delivering services under contract with the Seller of goods regarding delivery of the order to customers.
An external website is an Internet website, that is linked on website www.gruppa99.com.

1. General Regulations  
1.1. The website is owned and administered by LLC "Group 99".
1.2. Ordering goods from the online shop, a customer accepts the Terms of Sales presented below.
1.3. Current Terms of Sales (hereinafter “Terms”)as well as information about the Products presented on the Website are a public offer in accordance with the provision of article 435 and part 2 article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
1.4. Provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on retail sales (§ 2 chapter 30), as well as the Consumer Protection Act of the Russian Federation from 07.02.1992 № 2300-1 and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them.
1.5. The Seller reserves the right to make changes to the current Terms (found in section Terms of Sales), requiring Customers track changes of the Terms regularly.
1.6. By pressing “Confirm” at the last  stage of the Process Order on the Website a Customer agrees with the Terms.

2. Site Registration

2.1.  In order to make an Order a Customer needs to enter the data necessary for delivery procedure and payment for the purchase by filling out appropriate forms and/or Site Registration.
2.2. The Seller is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, provided by a Customer while Process Order (Site Registration).  

2.3. A customer may not inform any third parties of their login and password, used at Site Registration. In case of customer’s suspicion regarding security of their login and password or a scope for misuse by external parties, the customer may inform the Seller immediately by sending an email to info{a}gruppa99.com.

3. Process Order and Time Frames
3.1. A customer’s order can be accepted via telephone or made by a customer on the Website.

3.2. Making an Order a Customer may enter the following data:

Customer’s surname and last name or ones of the Receiver of the Order;

Delivery address of the Order;

Contact phone number;

Email address.
3.3. After the Order is completed the Customer is informed of the anticipated date, when the order is provided to a Courier Service. The date stands for a period within the Seller is obliged to give the Customer’s Order to the Courier Service, chosen by the Customer while Process Order. The date might depend on the availability of ordered goods in Seller’s stock and time required to complete the process Order.
3.4. If the ordered amount of goods is not available in stock, the Seller informs the Customer by sending an email or a phone call. The email is sent to the address, submitted at Registration (Process Order). The customer is entitled to accept the Products in the amount available in Seller’s stock, or to cancel a certain position from the Order. If within 7 days there is no Customer’s response received the Seller reserves the right to cancel the Order of a certain Product.

3.4.1. The Seller reserves the right to cancel Customer’s Orders, containing the Products the Customer declined 2 and more times on the reasons not related to defects of the Products.
3.4.2. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to conclude Order contract, if a Customer already has Orders made and not received totalling more than 10.000 RUB.
3.5. Deadline of receiving the Order by a Customer depends on the address of shipping and the region, functioning of certain Courier Service and not directly on the Seller.

3.6. All the data provided on the Website are purely informational and might not be able to display the most accurate description of characteristics and features of a Product, including colours, sizes and shapes. For any additional information regarding features and characteristics of a Product a Customer can make sure to contact the Seller before completing an Order.

3.7. In case of unavailability of a Product in Seller’s stock, in particular for reasons independent of the Seller, the Seller reserves the right to cancel Customer’s Orders of a certain item and inform the Customer by sending an email to the address, submitted at Site Registration (Process Order).

4. Delivery

4.1. Methods of Delivery are found here: http://www.gruppa99.com/page/delivery

4.2. The Seller will make every effort to meet deadlines of delivery, submitted on the Site, however, delays in shipping are possible due to unforeseen factors for reasons independent of the Seller.

4.3. Risk of accidental damage of goods passes to the buyer when the goods is handed over to them and the Order delivery receipt gets signed, confirming the fact of delivery of the Order. If the Order is not delivered the Seller refunds the cost of the prepaid by a Customer Order and the shipping cost, after he confirmation from a Courier Service of loss of the Order.

4.4. Delivery cost of each Order is calculated individually, based on its weight, region and method of shipping, sometimes method of payment, and is displayed at the final stage of the Process Order on the Site.

4.5. When delivered, the Order is handed over to the Customer or the person  mentioned as a Receiver of the Order.

4.6. To avoid incidents of fraud and to meet its commitments (para. 4.6) the person delivering an Order may request Receiver’s ID before handing the Order out and write down type and number of Receiver’s ID in an Order receipt. The Seller guarantees confidentiality and Receiver’s personal data protection (para. 9.3.1).

4.7. Receiving the Order a Customer may check the appearance and condition of the Order package, quantity of items, completeness and assortment.

4.8. Time frames given by the Seller for Customer’s receiving of the Order are limited and submitted during the Process Order, at the selection stage of an appropriate method of delivery.

4.9. The fact of not receiving the Order within the time frames mentioned in para.4.8 is considered  Customer’s declining the sales contract and is a ground for cancelling the Order by the Seller.

5. Payment

5.1. Products prices are found on the Website. In case of submission of a wrong price the Seller informs the Customer, in order to confirm the Order with the corrected price or to cancel the Order. In case of impossibility to communicate with the Customer the Order is considered cancelled. If the Order was paid, the Seller refunds the sum to the Customer.

5.2. Products prices can be corrected by the Seller unilaterally. Products prices are submitted at the final stage of the Process Order and are valid upto the moment the “Confirm” button is pressed. In such case the Price of the selected item cannot be changed.

5.3. Methods of payment are presented on the Site in section “Methods Of Payment”. An agreed method of payment is a method, chosen by a Customer from available methods of payment while making an Order.

5.4. In case of advance payment the Order is being processed only after Customer’s money is transferred to Seller’s account. In such case the Product to order is not reserved and the Seller cannot guarantee its availability in Seller’s stock, as at the time of Process Order, as a result, time frames of Order procedure can be prolonged.

5.5. Specificities of Payment with a Bank Card

5.5.1. According to CBR’s regulation “On issued bank cards and transactions by using payment card” from 24.12.2004 №266-П transactions by using bank cards are accomplished by the owner of the card or their representative.

5.5.2. When payments are made by using bank card at the pickup or at the Seller’s the Customer may provide an identification document, unless the payment is made by using a non-personal bank card.

5.5.3. Order of payment is described on the Site in section “Methods of Payment”.

5.5.4. Authorization to carry out any transaction is processed by the bank. If the bank has a reason to suspect the fraudulent nature of the transaction, the bank has the right to process that transaction.

5.5.5. To avoid any type of unlawful use of bank cards at payment all Orders processed on the Site and prepaid by using a bank card are checked by the Seller.The Seller reserves the right to cancel an Order without further explanations. If so, the cost of the Order is refunded to Customer’s bank card.

6. Return of the Goods

6.1. Return of the goods of good quality.

6.1.1. A customer has a right to refuse from the ordered goods any time before they received them or within 7 days after the delivery, excluding the day of purchasing. To return of the goods of good quality they have to remain market condition, consumer appeal and also you need a document that confirms the fact and conditions of purchase.

6.1.3. If a Customer refuses from the Goods according to para.6.1.1 of Terms, the Seller refunds to him the cost of returned goods, excluding Seller’s expenses for shipping of returned goods back from the Customer, in 15 days period starting from the day the Seller receives Customer’s written request.

6.1.4. In 14 days period starting from the day of receiving the Order, excluding the day of purchase, a Customer is able to exchange unsatisfactory quality goods for a similar good, if the Customer finds certain goods not suitable in terms of their shape, dimensions, size, design, colour, stuffing structure. 

6.1.5. If at the time of Customer’s request similar goods are not available at the Seller’s, the Customer is able to refuse from accomplishing the sales contract and demand a refund of the sum paid for a certain good. The Seller is obliged to refund the sum for the returned good within 3 days starting from the return of the good.

6.2. Return of Goods of Defective Quality

6.2.1. A customer is able to return goods of defective quality to the manufacturer or the Seller and demand a refund of the paid sum within warranty period, before expiration date, or if not found, within a reasonable time not exceeding 2 years. The customer is also able to demand an exchange of goods of defective quality or addressing gaps.

6.2.2. In case of Customer’s refuse from the contract and his demand on refund of the paid sum according to para.6.2.1 of the Terms, the sum is entitled to be refunded to the Customer within 14 days after the Seller receives Customer’s written request.

6.3. Refund

6.3.1. The Customer can receive a refund with the same method that was used for payment, unless it was accomplished by using QIWI ATM, Elexnet or Online-bank Bank Saint Petersburg. In such cases refund is transferred as a remittance or to a bank account, according to the payment information, the Customer has provided in the request.

6.3.2. In case of refund not being made simultaneously with Customer’s return of goods, with the agreement of the Customer, the Seller might provide the refund by using following methods:

а) remittance;

б) money transaction to Customer’s bank account or any other account submitted by the Customer.

6.4. The procedure in the case of Seller’s violation of the terms of assortment (reassorting of goods)

6.4.1. In case of transition of Goods at violation of the terms of assortment article 468 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation does not apply.

6.4.2. In case of found in an Order goods that do not correspond the actual ordered assortment (reassorting), the Customer has a right to refuse from the Good and demand an exchange of the good in the assortment at the time of order transition, or a refund for in fact not received Product.

6.4.3. The good transitioned to the Customer at validation of the term of assortment is entitled to be returned to the Seller. In case of Customer accepting the good, the Seller has a right to demand payment from the Customer for the product, according to the price submitted on the Site at the time of the good transition. If the product is absent in the assortment on the Site at the time of the good transition, the price of the good to pay is negotiated with the Seller.

6.4.4. The exchange of goods not conforming with the Order is accomplished by processing a new Order on agreement of sides - by the Seller or a Customer.

6.4.5. In case of impossibility to conduct exchange of the goods, the Seller informs the Customer by sending an email to the address submitted by the Customer at the Registration (Process Order) and the money paid for an in fact non-transitioned Good is refunded in order, described in para.6.4.6.

6.4.6. Money paid by a Customer for an in fact non-transitioned Good are to be refunded within 10 days from receiving Customer’s written request for a refund. The refund of the sum is accomplished by using the same method of transaction the payment was made.

6.5. The procedure in the case of Seller’s violation of the terms of quantity.

6.5.1. At the time of order transition a Customer may check the quantity of the Goods in the Order. If at the time the Customer finds discrepancies in the quantity of Goods in the Order, the Customer may submit an act on discrepancies in the quantity in the presence of Seller’s representative or a courier.

6.5.2. If the Seller transitioned to a Customer goods of less quantity than submitted in the Order (lack), at the time of the transition the Customer has a right to accept the Goods in the part corresponding to the Order and to demand transition of the lacking items, or if the lacking Goods were paid, to refuse from the part of Order is lacking and demand a refund for it.

6.5.3. Transition of the lacking Goods is accomplished by making a new Order on agreement of the sides - by the Seller or a Customer, on condition that the Customer provides the Act on Discrepancies (on lack), composed in order described in para.6.5.1.

6.5.4. If lacking Goods were not paid for by a Customer, they can be paid for by using any method chosen by the Customer or the Seller on agreement with the Customer, at processing a new Order.

6.5.5. In case of impossibility to transition lacking Goods, the Seller informs the Customer by sending an email to the address submitted by the Customer on the Site (at Process Order), and the money paid for in fack lacking Goods is refunded in order described in para.6.5.6.

6.5.6. The money paid by a Customer for the lacking Goods are to be refunded within 10 days starting from Customer’s written request for a refund was received and the Act on Discrepancies (on lack) in quantity, composed in order described in para.6.5.1. The refund is accomplished by using the same method as the payment was made.

6.5.7. In case of violation by a Customer of para.6.5.1 regarding the compilation of the Act, the Seller has a right to reject Customer’s claims on the quantity of the Goods.

7. Intellectual Property

7.1. All texts and graphics found on the Site are the property of the Seller and/or his countreparties.

8. Warranty and Liability

8.1. The Seller bears no responsibility for damage to the Customer caused by improper use of the Products, ordered from the Site.

8.2. The Seller bears no responsibility for content and functioning of the External Websites.

8.3. The Seller has the right to sell or to transfer their rights and responsibilities arise from their relations with a Customer to the third parties.

8.4. The Customer is entitled not to use the Products for business related activities.

9. Privacy and Personal Data Protection

9.1. The provision of the information by a Customer

9.1.1. At the Registration on the Site (Process Order) a Customer provides the following information: Surname, last name, email address, password to access the Site.

9.2. Providing his personal data at the Registration on the Site the Customer agrees to this data processing by the Seller, and in particular with the aim of promoting goods and services by the Seller.

9.2.1. If a Customer does not agree to his personal data processing, he may address the Seller by filling of the feedback form. In such case all the received from the Customer information (including login and password) is removed from the client base of the Seller and the Customer won’t be able to make Orders from the Site.

9.3. Use of the information provided by Customer and received by the Seller

9.3.1 The Seller uses data for:

  • customer registration on the Site;

  • fulfil his commitments to the Customer;

  • estimation and analysis of the efficiency of the Site;

  • the selection of the winner in promotional campaigns arranged by the Seller.

9.3.2. The Seller has a right to send to Customers promotional and informational messages. If a Customer does not want to receive such newsletter, he may change the according settings in his personal account on the Site. To enter the account login and password should be entered.

9.4. Disclosure of Information Collected by the Seller

9.4.1. The Seller is obliged not to disclose information received from a Customer. Providing by the Seller with information of agents or third parties under the treaties in order to fulfill the obligations towards the Customer is not considered a breach.

9.4.2. Disclosure of Information in accordance with valid and applicable laws requirements is not considered a breach.

9.5. The Seller has the right to use the technology of “cookies”. "Cookies" do not contain confidential information and are not passed to third parties.

9.6. The Seller receives information of visitor’s IP address. Such information is not used for identification of the user.

9.7. The Seller does not bear responsibilities for the data, provided by a Customer on the Site publicly.

9.8. The Seller does not bear responsibilities for the losses the Customer might suffer as a result of his login and password become known to a third party.

9.9. In case of suspicion that a Customer’s account is used by a third party or malware, the Seller is allowed to change Customer’s password unilaterally.

10. Other Conditions

10.1. The law of the Russian Federation applies to the relationships between the Customer and the Seller.

10.2. If a Customer has any questions or claims, he may contact the submitted phone number or fill out the Feedback form on the Site. All disputes that may arise the sides will try to resolve through negotiations. If agreement cannot be reached the dispute shall be resolved by transferring to national jurisdictions for trial under the current RF Law.

10.3. If any of the current Terms and regulations is declared by a court invalid, it does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining terms.

Backpacks : Lifetime guarantee

Group 99 guarantees the highest quality and reliability of our backpacks (frame packs, cargo bags, backpacks and their accessories) and the lifetime support. Careful use and following the care instructions prolongs product’s life upto limitless.
In case of a damaged item or unsatisfactory quality customers should send a request for service support to service@gruppa99.com
After consulting the customer, Group 99 expert directs an item to the service or conducts an extra expertise, if necessary.

Group 99 guarantees high quality functioning of the zippers and 5-year service life. In case of a breakdown within the warranty period Group 99 provides free replacement of the broken zipper. The after-warranty period free replacement of a zipper is possible, when the customer covers the cost of a new zipper. 

Unsatisfactory quality 
At detection of unsatisfactory quality in the structure or defective components Group 99 provides chargeless repair of the item, including free replacement of the unsatisfactory quality components. 

The products can be only accepted, if are clean, with no sign of natural contamination.

Minimal maintenance costs
In case of a breakdown of an item or its components caused by a user, Group 99 is able to repair such an item for free. The user covers the cost of materials and components needed for repair. 

Possibilities of repairing are discussed beforehand with Group 99 expert through sending an email request to service@gruppa99.com.